How To Avoid Pigeon Nesting Under Solar Panels

Solar panels are considered to be the invention of the century. It has solved the most mindboggling issue of lack of energy and electricity. Not just the lack, but the rates on which the electricity is getting made are almost out of the range of common people and every month people struggle to pay the hefty bills. The situation in which solar panels were invented was perfect in every sense. It has a market, it has demand and it also is a very useful product. The benefits of solar panels are so much that it is being used not only on commercial basis, but the government has also switched the streetlights and other electrical appliances used in government set up on solar energy. It is a onetime investment that gives great results throughout its life. In the past, solar panels were made and distributed on small levels. They were only made to order and sell exclusively to people who want the solar system to be installed in their houses. 

Time is pretty much changed since then, and more people are inclined towards buying and installing the solar panels in their houses. The actual installation and usage of solar panel in a domestic household is pretty much straight forward. The appliances that are connected to solar panel works just like they would on electricity but minus the hefty bills. Each solar panel can be different from others due to the fact that they are fully customizable and are made according to the requirements. But these solar panels can be used for years and years with proper care and precaution. One of the main reason they wore out is pigeon nesting under solar panels that entirely ruin it. These pigeons not only live by themselves but they also make nests and lay eggs that can disrupt the mechanism of solar panel’s working. 

Pigeon nesting under solar panel can be quite harmful to the working of solar panel properly. The owners should make sure to take necessary actions to remove pigeon nesting under solar panels as much as they can do. Checking the undersides of the solar panels with regular intervals whether weeks or days is already advised by the professionals. The owners should make sure that no single pigeon stays under the panels as only one pigeon can help the whole family of pigeons to get through. If unfortunately, that comes to an occurrence where pigeon nesting under solar panel in witness that the person should take some steps on immediate bases. He should very carefully remove the nest of the bird from under the panel and place it very carefully at some other high branch of tree. After removing the nest carefully the next step comes of taking out the nest’s residue from the panels and clean them properly. The cleaning part should be done according to the instruction of the person who installed these solar panels so that they remain in working condition for years.  control-birds


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